"Just because you helped me one time, doesn't mean ill show mercy in battle"


Ally has black hair and grey eyes, and is usually wearing black.

Friends/EnemiesAlly and nicole: Sworn enemies. Though Ally is immortal, nicole tries to kill her. Ally will always hate her.Edit

Mitoko and Ally: Mitoko is the only one who knows what allys been through and understands how it is to be forced to work with easter, as Mitoko is forced to work with Star. Theyre BFFs


"just because you helped me one time doesn't mean ill show mercy in battle"

"I didn't want to be evil, it was my destined path, A normal childhood, is all i ever wanted."

"How can i love... if i dont know how?"


Ally has worked for easter, but the contract was broken. these are songs even before she restarted her account.

  1. Black Diamond

2.  Daughter Of Evil (more to be added soon)


heres something i have found on the instagram page, so why not let ally explain it?

Ally: "it's a somewhat long story to explain... Easter has done a thorough amount of research on the mermaid princess, like myself, and charas as well as x-eggs. Because of that, they are well aware that im the red pearl mermaid princess. Well, 7 years ago my kingdom was attacked, by Easter. Most of its a blur, so I don't know how they attacked, but I know it was them. At that time I was 7, I haven't discovered my powers yet. I managed to escape to the surface, however my friends & family where killed when my kingdom collasped. I've been living in the human world ever since then. Easter knew I escaped to the human world, which made it much easier for them to catch me, or of course, trick me into the contract. I don't know about you, but I don't look much different in either my mernaid or human form. The only thing that changes is that I get a tail, or human legs. And because of that it made it easy to find me." (